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My name is Lee from England and i run this website with a lady called Jane from Lexington in the states

We came together to help others to help other people in our situation in learning how to get compensation for birth defects from the drugs that were prescribe to our loved ones….Which were dangerous.

Spina Bifida

Jane she was born with spina bifida which even the drugs company have said it was due to her mom Linda taking Antidepressants during her pregnancy in the 1980s which was that say a big issue in Jane’s condition.

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My story was with my daughter Grace she was born with a Congenital disorder due to my wife being given Antidepressants after she was given the wrong and high dosage pills at a time she had the baby blues after our son Sam was born.

So guys in a nutshell i just want to introduce you to our site we have created it ourselves as you can see we our not experts in websites its just down and dirty.

Birth Defects

We have teamed up with a Special Birth Defects Law Firm that got me and my wife and Jane and her mom Linda what we all deserved and that was our payouts against theseĀ  Pharmaceutical companies that put our health and safety last before profit.

Not just in birth defects but other issues where you have changed as a person due to taking Antidepressants its worth asking the question.

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We have created a form for you to fill out if you think you could benefit from free advice from the experts that help us with our website and you can start your claim today…You owe this to yourself and your family.